The 5 Best Christian Apparel Designs

Are you looking for apparel that is both fashionable and allows you to promote your faith?

Here, we will be looking at the best faith apparel designs and trends out there. There's no reason your Christian apparel can't also be modern and fashionable.

Read this guide for some awesome trends in faith apparel so that you can find the clothing that will make you look and feel your best. 

1.Simple Text Tee Says It All

When you're looking for faith apparel that is comfortable and casual, while still highlighting your faith, a shirt with religious text can be a great go-to. Simple text and type is trending in all fashion these days, so why not incorporate this into your faith apparel?

With a simple t-shirt, there are so many matching options for any season or casual occasion. Adding a clever or thoughtful line of text can create some interest and detail to your everyday solid t-shirt. 

If you like simple, yet bold text that makes a statement in a subtle way, a white tee with large black text may be best for you. Consider our printed white tee options, such as our "Hosanna," "Soli Deo Gloria," or "Sola Fide" tee.

These options are so easy to pair with. Pair this tee with blue or black denim.
If you want to layer it, you can do so with a leather jacket or a pop of color cardigan. This is such an easy outfit idea to pair with a cool pair of sneakers or boots. 

A woman, wearing Christian t-shirt flocked with Soli deo gloria

2.Quality Fabrics, Designs, and Colors for the Creative 

There's no reason you can't show off your artistic side with faith apparel. A great way to make your faith apparel artsy is to pick options with interesting, abstract illustrations. 

For example, our Jesus Sweatshirt displays a hand-made illustration of Jesus and the Crown of Thrones on the back. This illustration is paired with a bible verse on the back, as well as a subtle bible verse reference on the front.

This sweater is available in both men's and women's sizes. You can't go wrong with pairing this sweatshirt with black denim and boots.

The laid back fit and khaki color allows for a modern, comfortable piece. We invest a lot in our detailed patches, high-quality customized trims, and special stitches for a fit you cannot beat. The cut of our apparel is customized to make a fit our customers will want to wear every day.

At Sacrize, we developed our own fabric for our clothing, one that isn't available elsewhere in the market. The fabric is premium quality and fashion-forward, allowing for rich colors and perfect fits. The texture and feeling are supreme. Trust us, when you touch the cloth, you will tell the difference. 

A woman, wearing Christian sweatshirt printed with Crucifixion of Christ

3.Shine With Metallics 

If you like a little sparkle and shine in your apparel, metallics can help add some extra shimmer to your outfit staples. We have tons of tees and hoodies with metallic text that will pair perfectly with sparkly jewelry and accessories. There are great options for gold and silver lovers alike. 

For a cozy and cute option, check out our Christian sweatshirt that is complete with the silver metallic text "O Lord". This crew neck comes in charcoal and white, making it easy to pair with comfortable yoga pants or jeans.

If you prefer gold, check out our "Sola Fide" printed crew neck, which has a similar fit and comes in a deep navy blue.

If you're looking for a t-shirt instead, our Hosanna tee has this silver text printed on a grey top. This relaxed top is a great idea for any summer camp or fellowship you may have coming up, as it's sure to provide all-day comfort. 

4.Fashion Forward Techniques and Textures 

If you want fashion that shows your love of Christ, our sequenced lamb designs are the perfect idea for you. This design comes in both a t-shirt and sweatshirt style.

It features a large sequined lamb that is adorable and represents the Lamb of God. This image is paired with a bible verse in clean, cursive text, "Behold, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!". If you want to keep your girly and playful style while still representing that you are a follower of Christ, you can't go wrong with this pick.  

The techniques used in pieces like this are fashion-forward, with added details like rhinestone, sequins, metallic prints, embroideries, and bling effects. This can be paired with any pant option and would look great with a sparkly sandal, tennis shoe, or hair accessory. 

The detail of women's Christian sweatshirt, metallic print Sola Fide

5.Customized Cuts and Colors

In spring and summer, you may be ready to wear all your favorite pretty pastel colors. You can do this while still wearing your faith apparel.

We don't buy bulk blank t-shirts and hoodies to print on and sell like fast-fashion competitors. We want the best for our customers, who want to promote their faith and still wear the utmost quality clothing.

One of our favorite options is our "I am who I am" t-shirt, which comes in a pale pink and a light lavender color. The graphic of this Exodus bible verse is printed on the back with a stylishly distressed text. This option would look great paired with white denim and sneakers when you're on the go or at bible camp. 

Another great option for lounging is our "O Lord" printed crew neck. The sweater comes in a light cream, nearly pale yellow color with gold text for a sunshine-ready look. Pair this sweater with fun, printed yoga pants for an outfit pairing that infuses seasonal colors. 

For men, our Faith Hoodie in teal is a great option. This hoodie is solid on the front, with simple black text on the back, and across the shoulders, it states: "Holy to the Lord". This piece would look great with jeans or athletic wear. 

Fashionable Christian Apparel You Can Love 

When shopping, keep these Christian apparel design trends in mind so that you can get the most out of your fashion. With the above options, there is something for everyone's style and outfit preferences. Keep these styling tips in mind to put together outfits you can feel great about while still reflecting the importance of faith. 

Head to the "new" section of our site to see the latest and greatest faith apparel designs that you can shop from home! Our clothes are trendy and modern and will not make you feel the least bit unstylish or over the top.