If you are in search of a clothing supplier or manufacturer that can bring your ideas to reality, you do not need to look any further. With experienced and professional apparel experts always ready to assist you, Sacrize wants to make sure any customization you want can be achieved. Sacrize also bridges the gap between Christian customers and manufacturers by eliminating the fashion design and production barrier. Before we started Sacrize as our ministry, we have worked with tons of up-and-coming clothing brand startups and assisted them in achieving not only their manufacturing goals but also their marketing goals to achieve a long-term business relationship. Sacrize is striving to provide quality Christian apparel with unlimited customization options to Church and Christian groups as well as assisting their mission and goals.

100% Quality Guarantee of Sacrize Apparel

Quality Protocols on your order to delivering great products!

We offer you 100% Quality assurance on all your order and not a single piece is going to be defective. We bring this to rejoice the fact that if you order 100 pcs, you will get 100 pcs which are accurate as per the description.
Since we work with you on creating the apparel from the scratch, we will offering you 100% quality assurance on all the things we promise. When ordering your custom made Christian garment, you can be assured and at ease for the following things.

  • Onsite quality assurance
  • No lose threads
  • No stitching errors
  • No stains
  • No print mistakes
  • According to sizes provided (with 1 inch tolerance)
  • Quality packing

Information about customization

  • MOQ starts from 50 pcs per design
  • It will take 1 month for production and 1 month for ocean freight (not including sampling)
  • $150 for sample and takes 1-2 weeks

How to customize? (3 Steps)

Step1. Choose from our collections

You can choose designs from our men's and women's collections of Christian T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, Sweatpants, Bottom and more. If you have your preferred color, we can dye to match your color.

Step2. Add your own design or logo

Tell us your idea and we will bring it to life. You can change the Bible verse or wording in our garment with your favorite Bible verse or your fellowship team name, or simply add your team mark to our design. Then, you can determine the techniques to use to express your idea, like screen print, embroidery, HD silicone applique, rhinestones, sequins, heat transfer, etc.

Step3. Customize your trim and packaging

Finally, you will have the option to customize your trim and finishing package. We offer various options of trim, and you can add your church or team logo on the trim you choose. For example, you can add your church logo to eyelets or buttons. Custom trim options: rubber label, eyelets, buttons, patches, zippers, hangtag, size label, main label, care label & more.

With our finishing service, your garment will be more unique. We can customize the packaging bag or box with your Church logo or design.

    How to order? (4 Steps)

    Step #1: Request a Quote (Quote)

    Fill our quote form and we will contact you in person within 24 hrs. Click here to request a quote, or contact us (747) 272-7606.

    Step #2: Going through your idea with you on call or e-mail (Order Summary & Approval)

    After we receive your request, we will contact you to go through your idea & design. Then, we will prepare your order summary and go through that with you over the phone or ask you to approve it on e-mail; the most preferable in this case is that you should be on a computer while talking with our apparel consultant. The requested changes will be further discussed and changed on the order summary. Once you approve the summary, the turnaround time begins and we move forward with the sampling process.

    Step #3: Sampling Process

    It is up to you if you want to see a sample before your order or ask us to move forward directly with bulk production. Sampling takes about 2 weeks. We will create two same sample pieces and send one of them to you or show you high resolution images depending upon your need. Once you approve the sample, we then move forward with the bulk production. We will keep another sample pieces for bulk manufacturing.

    Please note that we will keep communicating with you throughout the sampling process as we want keep you in loop on the current status.

    Step #4: Bulk Production

    This is the process where you sit back and relax after doing all the hardwork with the sampling process, once you have given us the go ahead for bulk manufacturing, we will keep your approved sample as a model to follow, we move forward with it and get things produced for you as soon as possible depending upon your ordering quantity and the time quoted to you.

    Request A Quote


    1. What is the minimum order quantity for custom services?

    We provide the service of smaller minimums orders of 50 pieces per design for hoodies, sweatshirts, and sweatpants, and of 150 pieces per design for t-shirts, polo shirts, long sleeves and tanks.

    2. What is the duration of order receiving?

    Sacrize gives 1 month timeframe for production and another month for ocean freight to all clients but it is only a rough standard estimate. Usually orders take that long to complete because we go through all the details with the clients during the process, and get your sample approvals. We prefer to satisfy the client by both quality of the apparel and the timeliness of the order process, but this part requires your cooperation and that is why it is good if everything that we ask for is timely replied from the customer end. The duration of order receiving also depends on the quantity and process complexity of the order.

    3. Do you have any work discounts service programs?

    Sacrize offers quantity discounts and promotional discounts that are seasonally introduced for our regular customers.
    By quantity discount, we mean the more overall garments you order of the same design, the less each individual garment will cost. If you are trying to order only 30 or 50 shirts, the price per piece will be higher than 100 or 200 shirts.
    By promotional discounts, we mean that promotional discounts might apply to special design according to the season.

    4. Can I order a sample before ordering?

    Yes, you can order a sample before ordering. 1) Pre-production samples are produced in the exact same way as all the garments will eventually be produced on large-scale production. Pre-production samples is free. 2) If you would like a sample before putting in an actual production order, we can accommodate your request but we will have to charge you for the sample fee. 3) If it is your time to work with us and you want to see our quality, you can buy our product online with retail price.

    5. Is your website apparel catalog all you have?

    The Sacrize website list is not our complete selection of customizable apparel products, but we are adding more products to our website every season. If you are looking for specific style such as streetwear or active wear, please send us a quote and we will send you the collection for you to choose from.

    Request A Quote or Contact us (747) 272-7606.