Christian T shirt & hoodie

Looking for an oversized and Slim-fit t-shirt for a casual look, an original garment with rhinestones, or a more regular fit paired with an iconic design such as YAHWEH, the sequined Lamb of God or the metallic print Sola Fide



Opt for a modern sportswear look with this Christian hooded sweatshirt. Drawstring ties at the neckline and iconic "Holy to Lord" print give it all its charm. Add a final touch to a casual outfit by teaming it with loose trousers and a pair of colorful trainers.


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Why would God need to rest?

The seventh day is the most important part of the creation account in Genesis. You might have thought in the past that day seven is sort of a letdo...

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One look at our apparel proves that you don't have to sacrifice style to show your Christian faith. Sacrize's fashion-forward design allows you to get an urban chic look that stands out. Our collection of Christian apparel for both men and women are shaking up Christian wear conventions by adding utterly chic details to this Christian wardrobe staple, for a look that is effortless and elegant.