About Us | SACRIZE

Our brand name "SACRIZE" comes from the historical fact of Jesus Christ's sacred rise from death.  

Our goal is to bring to you modern daily wear fashion that emphasizes Christian faith, quality, comfort, and style. We aims to bring to life a line of Christian clothing that help you show your Christian faith through what you wear. Our collections for both men and women will fit for any occasion. You don't need to sacrifice style for showing your Christian faith. Right now, we offers a wide variety of Christian t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies, and will continue to expand our clothing categories, which are unavailable in the market, such as polo shirts and pants. We are looking forward to show your those brand new categories.

What sets us apart from the market, are our unique attire designs and quality workmanship. With many years of professional experience in the fashion industry, our team has acquired access to various high-grade materials including iron-on, printing, embroidery, transfers, and rhinestones. Every piece of our products is custom made from fabric to packaging. We use premium fabrics and fashion-forward design to allow you to get an urban chic look that stand outs. To have more idea about our design detailing, please check out our "Design Detail" Page.

We believe that putting faith in one's heart is the work of the Holy Spirit. Sacrize does not sell the gospel. The gospel sells itself! All Sacrize content is directly from God’s own WORD, as we believe that faith rests on the naked Word of God. Let's share the gospel through how you live and what you wear!